Rita Rusk


  • SP revolutionises the way you care for your hair
    We’re all different and this is just as true when it comes to our haircare needs.  We have different hair and scalp needs and different hair frustrations, so why do most haircare brands treat us all the same?After 5 years of development System Professional brings its best and most personalised haircare technology ever to meet your individual needs and desires.
  • SP Hair Alchemy Treatments A unique beauty breakthrough the SP Hair Alchemy Treatment delivers the most personalised haircare you will have ever experienced, by delivering TWO benefits in ONE tailor-made treatment.  This enables us to deliver you expert diagnosis and give you what your hair needs whilst at the same time providing it with what you most want.
  • Smoothen – for unruly and curly hair The SP Smoothen line with Active Cashmere Complex perfectly controls and cares for unruly and coarse hair giving it a delightful suppleness as well as providing anti-frizz protection
  • Hydrate – for dry to normal hair The SP Hydrate line with Active Moisture Complex effectively moisturises dry hair giving it immediate softness and providing long-lasting protection from drying out.

  • Repair – for damaged hair The SP Repair line with Repair, Nourish, Protect Formula intensively restores damaged hair and protects against further damage.
  • Color Save – for coloured hair The SP Color Save line with 3D Colour Protect Technology continuously protects against colour fade whilst giving hair intense colour brilliance.
  • Shine Define – for dull hair The SP Shine Define line with Shine Tri-Complex provides intense shine whilst smoothing the hair for flawless light reflection.
  • Clear Scalp – for Dandruff The SP Clear Scalp line with Dermacalm Complex effectively yet gently clears hair and scalp of even the most stubborn dandruff and fights the formation of new dandruff.
  • Balance Scalp – for Sensitive Scalp and Hair Loss The SP Balance Scalp line with Zinc Pyriothon Complex delicately balances and soothes sensitive scalps as well as strengthening thin hair to reduce hair loss.